—Welcome back—

Welcome HBDT Alumni! Whether HBDT was a momentary obsession or a life long love, we hope to keep you involved in the ballroom community wherever you are and to spread the love for dance!

We send out bimonthly alumni news letters, and our first one can be found here!

If you did not receive the alumni newsletter and would like to, please fill out this form and we will get that to you asap!

We have an HBDT Alumni Facebook Page, so that you can see latest updates on the team as well as network with those who are in your area.

Please consider donating to our First-Year Fundraiser, which will take place during the month of September. The donation is taking place through a GoFundMe on our Facebook Page.

We are looking to raise $3,000 to alleviate costs for rookies and make ballroom as accessible as possible to as many new dancers as we can! No gift is too small, and we appreciate any donations. We also accept old costumes, shoes, or dancewear!

Here is a breakdown of how the money will be used for rookies:

  • $2,000 will go to subsidizing competitions for rookies

  • $1,000 will go to selling shoes and dancewear at heavily reduced costs to the rookies.