Invitational 2020

Harvard Invitational 2020.png

Registration fees

Registration may be completed through O2CM:

  • Registration Link: coming soon

  • Entry List: coming soon

Early Registration (ends TBD)

  • Newcomer: $30

  • Student: $40

  • Adult: $50

Regular Registration (ends TBD)

  • Newcomer: $35

  • Student: $45

  • Adult: $55

Late Registration and On the day (after TBD)

  • Newcomer: $45

  • Student: $55

  • Adult: $65

Rules of Competition


  • Double registration is allowed for all levels (with a $10 fee per competitor).

  • Competitors are allowed to span up to 3 proficiency levels across styles.

  • Same-sex partnerships are allowed.

  • There are no restrictions on age or affiliation. Youth, adult, and non-collegiate competitors are welcome.

  • We strongly encourage competitors to dance at a higher level if he or she has placed out of three dances in any style at a given level. Please be considerate. We will contact anyone whom we deem unfit for the level he or she is registered for.


  • Dancers may compete in the newcomer level only if they have started to dance on/after January 1st, 2020. Dancers may compete in the bronze level only if they have started to dance after January 1st, 2019.

  • The accumulation of seven or more points in an event at a particular level according to the YCN point system makes a competitor ineligible to compete in that event/level. A couple must compete at the level of the more experienced dancer. Placing out of a single dance makes a competitor ineligible to compete in a combined event that includes that dance. For example, if a dancer places out of waltz at the silver level, he or she cannot dance in a silver waltz/quickstep combined event.

  • If a competitor notices any registration where he or she believes the couple is ineligible for the level entered, please email us at hbdt (include published results list in the email). We will send an email response after an investigation.

  • Novice is intended for new open couples. Eligibility is determined by the same rules as for all other levels, meaning 4 points in prechamp or 1 point in champ renders a dancer ineligible for novice. We will be enforcing this rule strictly.

  • PLEASE NOTE: we recognize that rare circumstances may warrant an exception to these rules for certain dancers/couples. If you believe you should be eligible for a given level, despite failing to meet the above criteria, please email to discuss your situation by TBD (the close of registration). Exceptions will be considered on a case-by-case basis. No exceptions will be made after the listed deadline.


  • Newcomer and Bronze: ISTD Bronze syllabus for International style, USISTD Bronze syllabus for American style. No continuity footwork.

  • Silver and Gold: ISTD Silver or Gold syllabus respectively for International style, and USISTD, DVIDA, FADS, AMDS Silver or Gold syllabus respectively or any other major syllabus for American style.

  • Couples who commit an infraction will get a warning in the preliminary rounds. If they still commit the infraction in the final, they will be dropped one place.


  • Costumes are prohibited in Newcomer, but are allowed in all other events.

  • For women, costumes are defined as anything tailored with rhinestones, sequins or feathers.

  • For men, costumes are defined as tailsuits and/or latin shirts with a slitted front or other such styling.

  • Heel taps, heel covers, etc. are required for all ladies’ shoes.  Suede covers and tape will be available at the venue for purchase.

An elegant evening of dancing, competition, and professional performances by the nation’s best ballroom dancers. The Hanlon-Ford Gala will be hosted on Saturday, April 4th from 7-11pm in the basement of the Northwest Building at 52 Oxford St.

Tickets are available here through Eventbrite: Link Coming Soon

**Dress code:  Cocktail Attire.  No jeans or sneakers allowed.

The Gala will include:

  • Amateur open level finals

  • Social dancing

  • Cash bar

  • Winning Formation Team

  • World-class showcase

Schedule for Gala:

7:00 pm – Doors Open

7:00 to 7:45 pm – Social Dancing

7:45 to 8:30 pm – Pre-Champ Finals

8:30 to 9:15 pm – Social Dancing

9:15 to 10:00 pm – Champ Finals

10:00 pm – Professional Showcase


The 2020 Professional Showcase couple will be announced closer to the date.


  • Toddlers (Ages 3 and under): $0

  • Children (Aged 4 to 12): $10

  • Competitors Ticket: $25

  • Discounted Tickets (Students, Harvard Affiliates, and Senior Citizens): $20

  • Adult: $40

  • VIP package*: $75

*Includes Front Row seating and a free drink. Limited number of available tickets.

Hanlon Ford Gala

competition schedule

The competition will run for two days, Saturday and Sunday April 4th and 5th, 2020.

Open level events for all styles will run on the afternoon of Saturday April 4th. Open level finals will run during the Hanlon-Ford Gala.

The following schedule is subject to change.  Events may run up to 30 minutes ahead of schedule.

Saturday April 4th:

8:00 am – Doors Open

9:00 am – Syllabus Smooth

11:15 am – Syllabus Standard

2:15 pm – Novice Events, Preliminary Pre-champ / Champ Rounds, Formation Teams

4:00 pm – Doors Close

7:00 to 11:00 pm – Hanlon-Ford Gala (7:45 pm Pre-champ Finals, 9:15 pm Champ Finals)

Sunday April 5th:

8:00 am – Doors Open

9:00 am – Syllabus Rhythm

11:30 am to 12:00 pm – Lunch Break

12:00 pm – Syllabus Latin



Screen Shot 2019-08-15 at 12.46.06 AM.png

Formation Team Competition

Team composition

  • each team needs to be composed of minimum 4 couples (max 10) plus 4 optional substitutes,

  • all members of the team have to be registered competitors at Harvard Invitational (except for substitutes),

  • same-sex partnerships are allowed, registered professional dancers are not allowed to take part in the team.


  • all four International and American styles and medleys of these are allowed,

  • the maximum performance length is 5 minutes.

  • the final music needs to be sent to the organizers by TBA.


  • there will be an administrative fee of $100 per team

  • teams can be affiliated to a school or studio (but not have to do to be),

  • to register your formation team, email, with the full team roster,

  • The registration fee can be paid by check upon arrival at the competition.

For any enquiries email

*The winning formation team will perform at the Hanlon-Ford Gala on Saturday, April 4th.


If you are looking for a TBA partner please complete the TBA google form HERE (link available soon!)

Competitors coming from out of state are welcome to stay with us!  Harvard Ballroom team members are happy to host competitors for the nights of Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Note that all housing requests are due by TBD.

To request housing as an individual, please fill out the form below.

Housing Form – LINK TO COME

If you are part of a larger team, please submit the information on the form to your team captain. Captains, please collect all of the information found on the form from each team member requesting housing, then send it to


The competition is located in the basement of the Northwest Building at Harvard University. To reach the ballroom floor, enter the building through the 52 Oxford St. entrance (shown below), and proceed down the stairs directly to the right upon entrance.

The basement of Northwest Building provides a wide-open space of 4500 sq ft for the competition floor and adjacent classrooms for competitors. The building is central within the Harvard University campus, and is easily accessible by public transportation.

Complimentary Wi-Fi access and complete cell phone coverage are available throughout the building. The Northwest Building and the ballroom are wheel-chair accessible.  There are food and housing options nearby.

Driving directions can be found on the Harvard directions and parking page.

On street parking can be difficult to find. One-day parking permits can be purchased online  from Harvard University Parking Services. When buying the parking permits, you will need to create an account. On the account creation page, choose “Visitor to Campus” for Department and enter “7700” as the Department Code. The closest parking garages to the Northwest Building are those at 52 Oxford St, Broadway Garage, and 10 Everett Street.

Northwest Building can also be reached via public transportation. Once in the MBTA rapid transit system (Boston’s subway), ride the Red Line train to Harvard Station.  Exit onto Church Street and walk NNE through Harvard Yard towards the Science Center. Keeping the Science Center on your left, continue onto Oxford St. The Northwest Building is just beyond the Harvard Museum of Natural History, on the right hand side of the street.

Venue Info, Directions, & Parking

Head of Judges: Istvan Cserven

MC:  Brad Morrison

DJ:  Daniel Libatique

Saturday (day session): TBD

Saturday (evening session): TBD

Sunday (day session): TBD


If you would like to become a sponsor, please contact the HBDT comp chair at We offer many different types of sponsorship options to choose from. Advertisements come in the form of program ads, announcements during the Gala and competition, and sponsoring awards for the winners of the competition. For example, your studio could offer a free lesson voucher for the winning couple of Gold Standard. 

Sponsorship Tiers:

Tier 1: $100: 1/4 page ad in program 

Tier 2: $175: 1/2 page ad

Tier 3: $250: 1/2 page ad and announcements during Gala and competition

Tier 4: $400: full page ad with announcements during Gala and competition

Tier 5: $500: full page ad with announcements during Gala and competition plus $10 discount per competitor

For sponsoring awards, awards can be of any value, style, and level.