Beginners 2020

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Registration fees

Registration may be completed through O2CM:

Early Registration (ends September 26th, 11:59pm)

  • Newcomer: $30

  • Syllabus: $35

Regular Registration (ends October 6th, 11:59m)

  • Newcomer: $35

  • Syllabus: $40

Late Registration and On the day

  • Newcomer: $40

  • Syllabus: $45

Rules of Competition

We ask all competitors to abide strictly by the following rules:

  • No food or drinks (except for water) allowed inside the main gymnasium where the competition is held. Space around the main gymnasium will be available for competitors to store their food and eat.

  • HEEL TAPS with SUEDE must be worn at all times inside the main gym and on the practice floor. Suede will be available for purchase at the venue.

  • The organizers have the right to eject anyone from the premises for unruly conduct or for violating any of the rules or guidelines. Flagrant disregard of any of the rules or regulations will result in a mark down of placement or in a disqualification where necessary.


  • No double registration allowed.

  • Same-sex partnerships are allowed.

  • There are no restrictions on age or affiliation. Youth, adult, and non-collegiate competitors are welcome.

  • We strongly encourage competitors to dance at a higher level if they have placed out of three dances in any style at a given level. Please be considerate. We will contact anyone whom we deem unfit for the level he or she is registered.


  • Dancers may compete in the newcomer level only if they have started to dance after September 1st, 2019. Dancers may not compete in the bronze level if they started to dance before August 1st, 2018.

  • The accumulation of seven or more points in an event at a particular level according to the YCN point system makes a competitor ineligible to compete in that event/level. A couple must compete at the level of the more experienced dancer.

  • If a competitor notices any registration where he or she believes the couple is ineligible for the level entered, please email us at (include published results list in the email). We will send an email response after an investigation.


  • Newcomer and Bronze: ISTD Bronze syllabus for International style, USISTD Bronze syllabus for American style. No continuity footwork.

  • Silver and Gold: ISTD Silver or Gold syllabus respectively for International style, and USISTD, DVIDA, FADS, AMDS Silver or Gold syllabus respectively or any other major syllabus for American style,

  • Couples who commit an infraction will get a warning in the preliminary rounds. If they still commit the infraction in the final, they will be dropped one place.


  • Costumes are prohibited in Newcomer, but are allowed in all other events

  • For followers, costumes are defined as anything tailored with rhinestones, sequins or feathers

  • For leaders, costumes are defined as tailsuits and Latin shirts with a slitted front or other such styling.



Finalized competition schedule

This is the detailed schedule for Harvard Beginners 2019. Please note that competition events may run up to 30 minutes EARLY or LATE, so plan your arrival accordingly.

Finalized Schedule

9:30am: Doors Open

10:45am -12:00pm: Rhythm

12:00pm - 1:15 pm: Latin

1:15pm -1:45pm: Lunch Break

1:45pm-3:00 pm: Smooth

3:00pm - 4:15 pm: Standard

4:15 pm-5:00pm: Open Showcase

5:00pm -6:00pm: Rookie -Vet Dance

Screen Shot 2019-08-15 at 1.39.25 AM.png


Rookie vet match

Join our annual, hilarious rookie-vet match this year! Rookies and vets from each team are welcome to join and costumes are very much encouraged.

How it Works

  • Captains from each ballroom team will assign rookie-vet partnerships. Captains will then create groups of 4 rookie-vet pairs that will be identified by a letter (Group A, Group B, Group C, etc) on the day of the competition. In each group, one rookie-vet pair is assigned to each of the 4 different dances (swing, salsa, paso doble, American foxtrot). Each ballroom team can have an unlimited number of groups.

  • Judges will call back the couples they like best to move on to the next round. Each round is an elimination round. Couples are judged on creativity, dancing skill, but most importantly the amount of fun. Group winners will be announced after the final round.

We are happy to announce that this year’s events will be swing, salsa, paso doble, and american foxtrot.


If you are looking for a TBA partner please complete the TBA google form HERE.

Harvard Beginners 2019 will take place in the gymnasium of Malkin Athletic Center at Harvard University. Food and other amenities are all found within blocks.

39 Holyoke Street

Cambridge, MA 02138

(617) 495-2219

[MAC Website]

Directions and Parking

  • Harvard Campus Map here.

  • By Public Transportation: Take the train on the Red Line to Harvard Square. Walk down Massachusetts Avenue towards Central Square two blocks to Holyoke Street.  Turn right onto Holyoke Street and continue two whole blocks. The MAC is on the right hand side after crossing Winthrop Street.

  • By Car: Go to the Harvard University Directions page here. For parking information, follow the link at the bottom of the Directions page.

Venue Info, Directions, & Parking

Head of Judges: Vichu Tanta-Nanta

MC:  Brad Morrison

DJ:  Daniel Libatique

Scrutineer: Joe Huesmann

Photographer: Meg Smith from Through the Picture Photography

Judges: Tim Li, Amelia Wills, Colin Williams, Aya Du, Anya Sheedy, Alexandru Munteanu, Vicki Sato, Max Greenhouse, Ping Zhang, Haley Smith-Fries, Renzo Aida


If you would like to become a sponsor, please contact the HBDT comp chair at We offer many different types of sponsorship options to choose from. Advertisements come in the form of program ads, announcements during the Gala and competition, and sponsoring awards for the winners of the competition. For example, your studio could offer a free lesson voucher for the winning couple of Gold Standard. 

Sponsorship Tiers:

Tier 1: $100: 1/4 page ad in program 

Tier 2: $175: 1/2 page ad

Tier 3: $250: 1/2 page ad and announcements during the competition

Tier 4: $400: full page ad with announcements during the competition

For sponsoring awards, awards can be of any value, style, and level.