Rules of Competition


  • Double registration is allowed for all levels (with a $10 fee per competitor),
  • Competitors are allowed to span up to 3 proficiency levels across styles,
  • Same-sex partnerships are allowed,
  • There are no restrictions on age or affiliation. Youth, adult, and non-collegiate competitors are welcome,
  • We strongly encourage competitors to dance at a higher level if he or she has placed out of three dances in any style at a given level. Please be considerate. We will contact anyone whom we deem unfit for the level he or she is registered for.



  • Dancers may compete in the newcomer level only if they have started to dance on/after January 1st, 2017. Dancers may compete in the bronze level only if they have started to dance after January 1st, 2016.
  • The accumulation of seven or more points in an event at a particular level according to the YCN point system makes a competitor ineligible to compete in that event/level. A couple must compete at the level of the more experienced dancer. Placing out of a single dance makes a competitor ineligible to compete in a combined event that includes that dance. For example, if a dancer places out of waltz at the silver level, he or she cannot dance in a silver waltz/quickstep combined event. 
  • If a competitor notices any registration where he or she believes the couple is ineligible for the level entered, please email us at (include published results list in the email). We will send an email response after an investigation.
  • Novice is intended for new open couples. Eligibility is determined by the same rules as for all other levels, meaning 4 points in prechamp or 1 point in champ renders a dancer ineligible for novice. We will be enforcing this rule strictly.
  • PLEASE NOTE: we recognize that rare circumstances may warrant an exception to these rules for certain dancers/couples. If you believe you should be eligible for a given level, despite failing to meet the above criteria, please email to discuss your situation by February 24th (the close of registration). Exceptions will be considered on a case-by-case basis. No exceptions will be made after the listed deadline.


  • Newcomer and Bronze: ISTD Bronze syllabus for International style, USISTD Bronze syllabus for American style. No continuity footwork,
  • Silver and Gold: ISTD Silver or Gold syllabus respectively for International style, and USISTD, DVIDA, FADS, AMDS Silver or Gold syllabus respectively or any other major syllabus for American style,
  • Couples who commit an infraction will get a warning in the preliminary rounds. If they still commit the infraction in the final, they will be dropped one place.


  • Costumes are prohibited in Newcomer, but are allowed in all other events,
  • For women costumes are defined as anything tailored with rhinestones, sequins or feathers,
  • For men costumes are defined as Tailsuits and/or Latin shirts with a slitted front or other such styling.
  • Heel taps, heel covers, etc. are required for all ladies' shoes Suede covers and tape will be available at the venue.



Competition Fees

REGISTRATION Newcomer* Student Adult
Early Registration - ends Feb. 3rd $ 30 $ 40 $ 50
Regular Registration -- ends Feb. 24th $ 35 $ 45 $ 55
Late Registration and On the day $ 45 $ 55 $ 65
Competitors Hanlon-Ford Gala ticket $ 20 $ 20 $ 20

NOTE: Double registration subject to $10 extra charge


* Newcomer reduced rate applies to dancers who only compete at the Newcomer level. Double registration, as well as registration in higher levels for different styles, will be subject to the full registration fee.

Refunds issued through Paypal are subject to a thirty cent refund fee.

Hanlon-Ford Gala

An elegant evening of dancing, competition, and professional performances by the nation's best ballroom dancers.

The Gala will include (more details at the Hanlon-Ford Gala page):

  • Amateur open level finals
  • Social dancing
  • Cash bar
  • Winning Formation Team
  • World-class Latin showcase
Toddlers (Ages 3 and under) $ 0
Children (Aged 4 to 12) $ 10
Competitors Ticket $ 20
Discounted Tickets (Students, Harvard Affiliates, and Senior Citizens) $ 20
Adult $ 40
VIP package* $ 75
*Includes Reception, Front Row seating and much more! Limited number of available tickets.  

Purchase tickets for the Gala here

Harvard Ballroom Dance Team is happy to announce that the 27th Annual Harvard Invitational Ballroom Dance Competition will be held on March 31st and April 1st, in the Northwest Building. The venue is at 52 Oxford Street, Cambridge, MA.

Please navigate to the new Harvard Invitational site for details and registration.

Full competition website here:

Link to registration here: