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We would like to give a special thanks to all of the following for their continued support:


Mariko Cantley
Alice Lekht
Vicki Sato

Rising Star


Eric Bachelor
Danielle Bower
Bill Morganti


Lily Xu


Derek Greenfield
Olga Kinnard
Jan Ondrias


Samantha Hurtado
Annalee Perez
Naomi Reiner
Ross Rheingans-Yoo
Anastasia Snetkova
Elizabeth Zawidzka

Donor Acknowledgements and Benefits

1. Recent donors (within one academic year) will be mentioned in all performance and competition programs, as well as the alumni and donor newsletters, under the categories below.

CHAMPIONSHIP – Benefactors of $1000+
PRE-CHAMPIONSHIP – Benefactors of $650 – $999
RISING STAR – Benefactors of $500 – $649
GOLD – Benefactors of $250 – $499
SILVER – Benefactors of $100 – $249
BRONZE – Benefactors of $50 – $99
PRE-BRONZE- Benefactors of $1 – $49

2. All alumni and parents on record will receive a biannual e-newsletter, with updates on the progress of the team over the last semester, past and upcoming competitions and performances, and some photos. In keeping with Harvard’s effort to support Green technology and reduce the University’s carbon print, HBDT has decided to convert to an e-newsletter. We feel that this decision will facilitate communication with our large mailing list, while conserving paper. All donors will receive the general HBDT e-newsletter and also receive a more personal biannual newsletter by mail, including more behind-the-scenes photos, interviews, and a close look at how their donations are benefiting the team. As a non-for-profit, student-run dance organization, the Harvard Ballroom Dance Team relies on dance class dues and donations to support its training program with professional coaches, send its members to competitions in the Northeast and abroad, organize two major collegiate competitions and produce vibrant and expressive showcases. Over the years, donations from generous alumni, parents, and friends have also sustained our growing endowment account, which one day we hope to put towards obtaining our own practice space with hardwood floors and mirrors. We currently have to rely on the limited space available on campus and most of the time we find ourselves practicing in basements or in empty classrooms.

How Your Contributions Help Us

Donations from our supporters are crucial to HBDT’s success. If you choose to support HBDT during competition season, your contribution will help us pay for our world-renown coaches, our competition entry fees, our social dances and our performances, which are always a rewarding experience for our dancers and a treat for the audience. Donor contributions also help pay for new costumes, rental fees for practice space and publicity for our events. Donations that do not go directly to competition or performance costs are deposited into our endowment account.

How to Donate

If you would like to support the Harvard Ballroom Dance Team, please follow the instructions below:

  • Visit this Harvard Crimson donation page.
  • Select “Ballroom Dance Club” from “Select a Fund”.
  • If you have a specific area of our program that you’d like to designate your fund to (e.g. rookie program, social dances, competition fees), please check “Additional gift details” and list your request there.
  • Once you have filled in the rest of your information, hit “Complete Your Gift” at the bottom of the page.
  • Once the form has been submitted to Harvard University, please send us a confirmation email with your name and amount donated to our president at, so that we can be sure to properly recognize you as a donor.


Please address questions, comments, and requests to join our emailing list to: Thank you in advance for your support!