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We would like to give a special thanks to all of the following for their continued support:


Mariko Cantley
Alice Lekht
Vicki Sato


Eric Bachelor
Danielle Bower
Irina Gorolevici
Bill Morganti


Derek Greenfield
Olga Kinnard
Jan Ondrias


UNO’s of Harvard Square

Donor benefits

Professional (individual) and Gold (corporate) levels are offered to donors who have contributed at 150% the Rising Star or Silver levels for two or more years. Other levels are as follows for donations in the previous calendar year:

RISING STAR – Benefactors of at least $650
CHAMPIONSHIP – Benefactors of at least $300
PRE-CHAMPIONSHIP – Benefactors of at least $120
NOVICE – Benefactors of at least $40
SILVER (corporate) – Benefactors of at least $250
BRONZE (corporate) – Benefactors of at least $100

All levels include unrestricted, earmarked, and endowment donations as well as in-kind donations in furtherance of the team mission. Donors will be acknowledged in all performance and competition programs, as well as team e-newsletters, within one calendar year of their donation.

Additionally, individual donors at the Championship level and above will be offered complimentary VIP admission to the Hanlon-Ford Gala at the Harvard Invitational Ballroom Dance Competition (with two tickets at the Rising Star level and above). Corporate donors at the Gold level will be offered one complimentary full-page advertisement in the program for the Harvard Invitational Ballroom Dance Competition.

How your contribution helps us

Unrestricted contributions help us pay for our world-renowned coaches, rental fees for practice space, entry fees at intercollegiate competitions throughout the Northeast, and subsidies for team members looking to take their dancing to the next level by seeking out private lessons and further competitions.

Costume donations are maintained by a group of team members under the direction of the Team Captain and lent to team members free of charge for use in competitions and showcase performances. Additionally, a percentage of unrestricted contributions are spent each year on costume maintenance, repair, and replacement.

Contributions earmarked for rookie financial aid, together with a percentage of unrestricted contributions, are dispensed on an as-needed basis to allow first-year members with demonstrated financial need to enjoy dancing with reduced or waived membership dues. In the Fall 2015 semester, three new dancers were able to join the team due to these contributions.

All donations which are not directly applied to the above programs are invested into HBDT’s perpetual endowment. Endowment returns, at the direction of the President and Chief Financial Officer, have been directed in recent years to subsidizing safe travel opportunities to competitions in New York and Montreal, supporting rookie financial aid, and attracting world-class performers to the 2014 and 2015 Harvard Invitationals.

How to Donate

If you would like to support the Harvard Ballroom Dance Team, please follow the instructions below:

  • Visit this Harvard Crimson donation page.
  • Select “Ballroom Dance Club” from “Select a Fund”.
  • If you have a specific area of our program that you’d like to designate your fund to (e.g. rookie program, social dances, competition fees), please check “Additional gift details” and list your request there.
  • Once you have filled in the rest of your information, hit “Complete Your Gift” at the bottom of the page.
  • Once the form has been submitted to Harvard University, please send us a confirmation email with your name and amount donated to our president at, so that we can be sure to properly recognize you as a donor.


Please address questions, comments, and requests to join our emailing list to: Thank you in advance for your support!